I've seen a lot of France, but not nearly enough! Below are a list of cities I have already visited in France. Be sure to check out the tourism sites by clicking on the city's name. In addition, I have put my own thoughts based on my experiences for each of the cities. This page features my personal photos, so please credit them back to me if you use them. Bon voyage!

Aigues Mortes: One of the remaining walled cities in France, Aigues Mortes is significantly smaller than the famous city of Carcassonne. However, it was a very pleasant and calm town to visit and I found it very enjoyable to walk the wall around all of Aigues Mortes. It was well worth the visit and is easy to pair with a horseback riding adventure around La Camargue, a nearby picturesque marshland, to observe wild flamingos!
Be sure to see:  Towers and Ramparts of Aigues-Mortes, Salin d'Aigues-Mortes
Population: 8,341

Aix en Provence:
Be sure to see:
Population: 142,743
 Anduze: A small but scenic town, you can easily see the whole of the city in a half day and makes for an easy day trip! The river just next to the city paired with the hills behind it makes for a wonderful view.
Be sure to see: Le Quai, La Fontaine Pagode
Population: 3,289
Avignon: A city I've heard about since singling the Avignon bridge song as a child and it definitely did not disappoint. We visited on a Sunday and most of the shops and restaurants were closed, but it had a nice feel to it walking around. Definitely an easy day trip if you're nearby!
Be sure to see:  Palais des Papes (featured in the photo above), Pont d'Avignon
Population: 90,194
 Bordeaux: A wonderful and slightly larger city to visit off to the southwest of France, known of course for its wine from nearby vineyards. I spent a couple days here and wish I had been able to stay longer! Like so many other cities in France, it is very walkable and has a very functional tram system.
Be sure to see: Place de la Bourse, Cailhau Gate, Monument aux Girondins
Population: 235,891
Béziers: I took a train here from Montpellier looking for a nice city to walk around for the day. Not only was it a quaint and charming city, but it also had a beautiful view of the southern France countryside. Not a lot to see and do, but well worth a visit if you're interested in seeing something less tourist-y.
Be sure to see:  Cathedrale Saint Nazaire
Population: 71,672
Carcassonne: One of the most well known medieval walled cities in France, this is definitely a huge tourist destination. After learning about the Cathars, it was great to experience the history! Great for a day trip, though as I said before, because it is a tourist destination restaurants' and shops' reflected so in the price.
Be sure to see: Basilica of Saint-Nazaire, Cathar Castles
Population: 47,634
Colmar: Near the German border, Colmar is something out of a fairy tale. The city is beautiful with all of it's charming architecture and colors and it was an absolute pleasure to walk around and explore the various neighborhoods. A day or two is perfect for spending the night in the nearby bed and breakfast of the Villa Rosa and exploring the town casually. This city is a must-see and has stayed in my memory for nearly 10 years.
Be sure to see:  Old Town, Little Venice
Population: 65,713
Be sure to see:
Population: 156,659

Be sure to see:
Population: 851,420
Montpellier: I fell in love with the 8th largest city in France the moment I arrived and was lucky enough to study here for 6 months. Montpellier is a wonderful mix of modern and medieval and history just oozes from every street you walk down. Cars are not allowed in the downtown, for the most part, so it's a very pedestrian friendly city with its cobblestone streets. Lots of shopping and restaurants to choose from, all while being 10 minutes from the Mediterranean with trams and buses to get you there! An absolute must-see if you plan to be in the region.
Be sure to see:  Place de la Comedie, Porte du Peyrou, Cathedrale St-Pierre, Jardin des Plantes
Population: 264,538

Nice: There's a good reason this city is one of the most popular destinations in France-- just look at the photo! Right on the Mediterranean, Nice is absolutely gorgeous and a French must-see. My favorite part of the city is the Old Town-- lots of colorful building, small shops, and cafes to explore. Take a few days to explore the city to its fullest and to soak in the sun walking around the beach and parks. Watch out for your feet, though-- the beaches do not have sand, but rocks!
Be sure to see:  Castle Hill, Promenade des Anglais, Old Town
Population: 342,738

Nimes: Easily one of my favorite "smaller" cities in France and easy to explore and enjoy by foot within a day. With its Roman history around every corner, it was amazing to see how a modern city built up around it. If you're looking to explore a smaller but memorable city, this is it!
Be sure to see: Jardins de la Fontaine, Arenes de Nimes, Maison Carree
Population: 140,267 

Paris: I tend to think of Paris as the NYC of France-- it's beautiful and charming in many ways, but it's also NOT the only amazing city in France and people seem to be much nicer outside of Paris. If you're going to France, be sure to visit Paris, but also try to go to another city or two to get a better understanding of the country and its people. Paris is easy to get around, especially if you're familiar how public transit in larger cities functions. Though I was able to walk the majority of a city in a day and fill in other sites over the second day, I would definitely recommend spending at least 3 days here; 4 if you'd like to see Versailles which is a day trip in and of itself.
Be sure to see: Notre Dame Cathedral, Saint-Germain-des-Pres Quarter, Champs-Elysees, Pont-Neuf
Population: 2,249,975

Be sure to see:

Saint Etienne:
Be sure to see:
Population: 172,696
 Sète: A small town built off of canals. While it is a small city, it is perfect for a quick day trip-- especially in good weather! Lots of sea food available and nice to walk around.
Be sure to see: Mont St-Clair
Population: 42,786
Strasbourg:You could easily see the majority of this city in a day or two, but I loved staying here for three or four days. One of my all time favorite cities, it has wonderful architecture and and charming  city squares to people watch or shop at open markets. On my list as a must see, I definitely plan to return many more times!
Be sure to see: Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, La Petite France
Population: 272,975
 Toulouse: Unfortunately, my time here was mostly rained out, but from what I did experience, it seemed like an easily walkable city, with a beautiful view of the river, and plenty of shopping and restaurants. I hope to be able to return some day to get a better sense of it!
Be sure to see: Church of Les Jacobins, Place du Capitole
Population: 447,340
Population: 29,975

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