Saturday, August 9, 2014

Seulement Six Semaines!

Well, my flight is finally booked and I fly off to live in France for 9 months in just six weeks! I head out September 19th in order to arrive the next day and I will return on June 7th, 2015. Well, at least I intend to return, but people keep reminding me of the possibility I might just want to stay, especially after I make a life for myself there over the next 8-9 months. We will see!

I recently bought myself a long-awaited present to celebrate my return-- a fancy camera! My little blue Canon Powershot has lasted me since high school, but I decided I wanted to take even better photos to help remember my time abroad. So, I finally decided on a camera and purchased a Canon Rebel SL1. It's the smallest DSLR camera available, which I thought would be perfect for traveling! The reviews for it were stellar and I can definitely see why-- I cannot wait to take it with!  As preparations have continued, I definitely have a lot to get done before now and then, but luckily it is mostly an exciting process.